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Ultrasound provides safe and accurate results. This test uses sound waves to monitor a baby in the womb during pregnancy, detect daily routine tests, and sometimes serious injuries like blood clots, cancer, and gallstones. You must approach a trained professional for your health and safety care. You can take an appointment or can choose a walk-in ultrasound.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic test. It is also known as sonography or ultrasonography. To detect real-time pictures and videos of internal organs or other tissues like blood vessels, ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves.

Ultrasound allows healthcare providers to watch the details of soft tissues inside the body without any notch.

Working of Ultrasound

In sonar technology, professionals use sound waves to detect the objects below the ocean’s surface. Similar to sonar technology, ultrasound also detects the pictures of soft tissues through sound waves. Professionals use the ultrasound probe. It is the device that emits sound waves.

The sonographers put the gel on the body where they will use ultrasound. Then they pass the probe over that body part or inside it. Sound waves from the probe bounce off external tissues. Sound waves now create the picture and display it on the computer screen. You can’t hear the sound waves.

Preparation before Walk-In Ultrasound Test

Your diagnostic sonographer may ask you to do these things before ultrasound:

  • Avoid using the washroom before the test.

  • The specific amount of water should be drunk before the scan.

  • Before the test stops eating or drinking for a certain no. of hours.

Why do Diagnostic sonographers perform ultrasound tests?

Sonographers use ultrasound to monitor the unborn baby’s health and development. To check the wider range of symptoms ultrasound is used.

Sonographers will recommend an ultrasound to check the:

1.Urinary system


3.Heart and Blood vessels

4.Digestive System




8.Brain, Hips, and Spine

9.The reproductive system of females

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