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But what does agm battery mean?

See may have card friends will ask: "in the end what is the agm battery?" Don't worry. We're going to give you a little science lesson.

May we for the agm battery this name is unfamiliar, but it is not the new product of the two years, it has been widely used in the power industry and many other high-tech areas, and a lot of cars with start-stop function are also equipped with AGM batteries.

agm battery is a new technology of lead-acid battery, AGM refers to the material of the partition. Common battery separators include rubber separators, PP separators, PE separators, PVC separators and AGM separators. AGM batteries use pure sulfuric acid solution as the electrolyte, most of the electrolyte is adsorbed in the glass fiber wool separator (AGM), ordinary batteries are the separator bubble in the electrolyte.

Continuous discharge of 50% is no problem at all

The discharge performance of AGM batteries is quite excellent. Compared with the most common lead-acid batteries, ordinary batteries can only discharge about 25% of the total electricity at most, while AGM batteries can discharge 50% continuously, which is twice as much. The effect is naturally quite excellent.

And even if the same 220 amp battery, the agm battery will discharge 2 times more than the general battery. If you switch to 330 amp hours, the discharge is 165 amp hours. And the ordinary 220 anh, discharge 25%, discharge power is only 45 anh, more electricity means that the parking air conditioning can greatly improve the endurance time, do not worry about the air conditioning with a while to shut down the phenomenon.

In terms of deep discharge, the general battery does not support deep discharge, because frequent deep discharge will accelerate the aging of the battery and shorten the life of the battery, and the agm battery does not have to worry about this problem, it can carry out several deep cycle discharge, stop discharge. Driving charge. In terms of life, agm battery is 4-5 times of ordinary battery.

Another problem hindering development is price

Although the agm battery has excellent performance and is more durable, the price is also much more expensive. The price of a single 330 amp hour is about 2500 yuan, while the ordinary 180 amp hour battery is about 1000 yuan.

Although the price is more expensive, but more power and long life, are the advantages of the agm battery, at the same time the original car choose agm battery, can also save the late card friends separately install the generator process, not only reduce the cost, but also reduce the weight of the vehicle.

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