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There are many theories and ideas that cigar aficionados may have about just how far you are supposed to smoke your cigar. How Far Down Should You Smoke Your Cigar This is one of the most debated topics – how down should you go with your cigar.Some smokers hold that you should smoke your cigar up to the band, while others see it appropriate to smoke until you cannot withdraw it anymore. There is another assumption that you should only smoke your cigar until it reaches the point where you can burn your cigar out naturally, that is when you reach a three finger-width.There are many unwritten rules on smoking your cigar like a pro and exactly when you should stop smoking. Cigar aficionados even believe that you should only smoke your cigar halfway and leave the rest. This sounds like being wasteful.So, how should you smoke your cigar? When is the right time to stop? How much are enough cigars for a sitting? This article seeks to uncover all these questions and make your life easy on the smoke.



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